Fulsome feedback

Worrisome Wilf’s Beastly Bedtime has now been out a few months and we’ve had some great, encouraging feedback from happy readers.  Here’s a selection that we’ve received. Huge thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to contact us. To all you friends of Wilf, let’s keep spreading the word!

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“A fantastic book which can be used in a number of ways. I’m a mum and my kids love it. But I’ll also be taking it in to school to get some writing done with some reluctant boys – lots of great starting points for writing ideas. It’s written in rhyme so is a great access point for narrative poetry. Highly recommended.”  – Rhoda W

“This book is fantastic! We have children of various ages under 8 and they all love it. Looking forward to the next one.” – Dave S

“This is a cracking good story for children and adults to enjoy. The illustrations are great and the humour is brilliant. I must say having read so many children’s books over the years Worrisome Wilf is by far one of the best!!!” – Alun D

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“My two kids (3 and 5) love this. They really engaged with the rhyming story (finishing verses with the right words) and the illustrations perfectly tell the surreal story. It’s spooky but very funny and the shadowy corners of the pictures often reveal hidden bits which my little girl loves finding. Reminds me of my all-time fave, Wide Awake Jake and like that, it’s pitched just right for active little minds at bedtime. Highly recommended.” – Wayne S

“My boy loves the illustrations and dynamics of the book. It is engaging and endearing. I recommend it to any parent that has a child with an inquisitive mind.” – Maria O

“This is a fantastic book for younger children, whether they are old enough to read it themselves or have it read to them. A witty and charming story, perfect for little ones before bedtime. A believable and understandable scenario that young children may empathise with. The illustrations, which almost look like they have been lifted from an animated adventure, are perfect for little ones, without being too cutesy. I can see lots of scope for more adventures with the wonderful Wilf. Here’s hoping there are lots more to come.” – Charlie D


“I recently purchased this book and really enjoyed it, so I took in into my class to share with the children who loved it! It is a great book to read aloud, introduce rhyme and is full of humour and wit with great illustrations, which the children enjoyed! I can’t wait to read what happens next with Wilf and his imagination, neither can my class!” – Tanya C

“Both my children, aged 4 and 9 love this book and want it read at bedtime – it seems to put all their worries to bed before them and they go off quite happily. I could’ve done with Worrisome Wilf as a kid too. Look forward to more Wilf books. Can see this really catching on. Roll on the full TV animation, say I. CBeebies/CBBC take note.” – Chris A

“This review from my daughter who still prefers a good picture book over a long read: “To all viewers just so you know this is one of the best books I have read in my nine years so far. It was ace, it was great because the illustrations were cool and detailed, the descriptions were very powerful and it was so worrying at times I was on the edge of my seat.”” – Cally R


“This is a real treat. Highly recommended for kids who have trouble getting to sleep, the book makes the notion of bedtime nerves into a topic of fun. The list of potential horrors lurking in Wilf’s mind is funny and inventive and Martin Gordon’s illustrations are charming with a cool edge. My 6 year old especially liked the army of robots and the three headed ninja. Sean Baldwin has a witty turn of phrase, effortlessly turning out the kind of lines which kids love to repeat. A future classic!” – Graham D

“My son was so excited to get going on this book, and he was not disappointed. Wilf is a cool looking kid with real concerns that my 5 year old related to immediately which meant we talked about it. Very valuable and clever. Thank you. Looking forward to the next book.” – Anna L

“Worrisome Wilf is great fun and my little girl (14 months) loves the beautiful clear illustrations and the rythym of the text. As a parent I’m encouraged that Wilf has very real fears about not so real things and yet is still brave enough to do what he’s gotta do.A lovely book and hopefully just the first of Wilf’s many adventures.” – Rachel G

Worrisome Wilf’s Beastly Bedtime is a picture book for younger readers that imaginatively addresses those creepy noises that night-time brings as obstacles to a good night’s sleep and boxes them up in plenty of fun and humour. The text is large and clear and the story is told through a series of rhymes and illustrations that are inventive and funny – making it a pleasure to look through and read out loud. Wilf, when climbing into bed, hears `something quite awful outside’ and tries to imagine what it could be. He imagines skateboarding werewolves and three-headed Ninjas covered in snails and lots of other strange things to keep him worried. But this isn’t a scary book, it’s a book about a boy with `horrible thoughts in his head’ learning to overcome his bedtime fears, accept his vivid imagination for what it is, and get a good night’s sleep. Utterly charming.” – Joe Q

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