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Moth TV


Moth is a Brighton-based media outfit specialising in design, video and animation for commercial and corporate solutions. With a background in various artistic disciplines including graphic design, video production and directing for theatre, film and TV, we like to rise to any creative challenge whatever the budget to deliver memorable and effective results.

Moth offers a comprehensive multimedia production service. Our services include video production, viral commercials, corporate videos, conference video coverage, animation, motion graphics, post-production, and design for print. We have written and produced promotional campaigns for clients worldwide.

We have a network of skilled freelance staff for all aspects of production including actors, presenters and experts in post-production and strive not to limit ourselves creatively within the constraints of budget. We also offer coaching for video interview and presentation techniques.

Clients include: Unilever, The International Property Awards, The FA, NHS, BBC, Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Chevrolet, Clinton Cards, Beaulieu, MGM, The World Heritage, Uk Film Council, British Airways, Sanctuary Records.

Moth has several in-house projects in development including a series of books and animated series for Children’s TV; several comedy web series and movies in collaboration with partners in Hollywood.

Martin Gordon (Creative Director)

Martin is an award-winning theatre director who originally trained as a graphic designer but has also been passionate about directing for stage, TV and film for thirty years.

He helped to found The Co-Active Theatre Factory, the Brighton-based collective in 1993, staged acclaimed plays by Brad Fraser and directed The Dwarfs by Harold Pinter, adapted from his very first novel, for the NATHDA Drama Festival, winning First Prize.

He set up Brighton-based Mad Dog Films in 1998 and has produced, written, directed and edited several short films including And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon, The Launch, Newton’s Cradle, Acid Rain and Stranded which entered festivals worldwide and has been broadcast on Sky TV networks.

Martin also directed the original pilot of Ideal, which spawned the long-running successful BBC comedy series starring Johnny Vegas and the animated pilot adaptation of the Radio 4 series Nebulous for Baby Cow Productions.

He attended the Raindance 22 Steps Story Structure workshop and has written feature spec scripts including the adapted screenplay of the book The Hitman Diaries.

Through his experience as an art director for international Blue Chip clients, Martin has also written and directed live-action and animated commercials for many international brands; music videos for several up-and-coming bands and for James frontman Tim Booth; and corporate videos for Unilever, The F.A, Carlsberg, William Hill, Beaulieu Abbey and The International Property Awards.

Mad Dog expanded and become Moth Media in 2010.