Discover the Mediterannean's Best Kept Secret

Ceràmica plates are hand made and hand painted in Andalusia, Southern Spain. Our plates are tripled glazed and dishwasher safe. Because they are ceramic, they hold no scent or flavour, allowing you to grate everything from chocolate to chilli on the same plate.

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Instructions for use

Nuts and Hard spices(nutmeg/black cardamon/cinnamon etc)

Using a dry plate, rub the spice over the ceramic bristles until you reach quantity desired. Brush the spices into your dish.

Cheese and chocolate

Using a dry plate, hold the plate vertically and lightly rub the cheese over the ceramic bristles.

Ginger/Chilli/Fruit Zest

Wet the plate lightly before use, this allows the spice to move faster across the plate. Rub the spice in any direction over the ceramic bristles until you reach the desired quantity. Use your brush to gather the spice into your dish.


There is no need to peel your garlic, simply cut the end off the top of the clove. Wet the plate lightly and then rub the clove over the ceramic bristles. The skin should peel back towards your fingers, realising perfectly pulped garlic into your plate. Use your brush to gather the garlic into your recipe. Alternatively, leave the garlic in the plate and add a little oil and vinegar for a delicious dipping sauce.

Buen Provecho!!

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