Moth Media is a multi-disciplinary creative boutique agency providing video and design for commercial and corporate projects including live action, CG, 2D & 3D animation, post production and motion graphics as well as illustration, graphic design & marketing for print, web. and other platforms.The creative partners have worked with many international blue chip clients including CLINTON CARDS, MGM,ACCESS BANK, UNILEVER, COCA COLA, NOKIA, CHEVROLET, THE F.A., CARLSBERG,WILLIAM HILL, BBC, SKY TV, RED BULL, NESTLÉ, CHANNEL 4, PROCTOR & GAMBLE, FORD, FOX TV, and DISNEY. The Moth team work in close collaboration on projects with a wide skillset consisting of animators, film crew and artists and are very interested in incorporating post-production technology and effects and how best to apply them to get added value in their projects. Moth are also very passionate about exploring new emerging technologies.

The Team

mmMartin Gordon

Martin is a graphic designer and creative director with 25 years experience working for international Blue Chip clients. Martin has also written and directed commercials for Clinton Cards, MGM and Access Bank, music videos including one for James frontman Tim Booth, corporate videos for Unilever, Coca Cola, Nokia, Chevrolet, The F.A, Carlsberg, William Hill, Beaulieu Abbey and The International Property Awards. As creative director of Synetica, Martin was responsible for the design and implementation of the Unilever European HPCE Intranet.

Keen to explore his interest in film and video, Martin set up Brighton-based Mad Dog Films in 1998 and as well as producing many virals, corporate videos and commercials, he has produced, written, directed and edited several short films including And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon, The Launch, Newton's Cradle and Acid Rain, which entered festivals worldwide and has been broadcast on Sky TV networks.

Martin also directed the original pilot of Ideal, which spawned the long-running successful BBC comedy series starring Johnny Vegas and has developed the animated TV pilot of a successful BBC Radio Series starring Mark Gattiss (League of Gentlemen).

Martin works in close collaboration on projects with a small team consisting of skilled animators, film crew and artists and is very interested in incorporating post-production technology and effects and how best to apply them to get added value in his projects. He expanded Mad Dog Films into Moth Media to exploit a broader range of creative disciplines and new technologies.

paulPaul Caddis

Beginning in advertising Paul created radio and print commercial campaigns before working on corporate films for CV International.

He joined Creative Film Makers and then The Unicorn Organisation, gaining experience in multiple disciplines as a commercials producer, facilitating high end creative projects for major advertising agencies and clients. He produced and directed many hours of television, video sell through product, corporate films, animations, pop promo's and films.

Paul then became a freelance film and television Director of Photography and camera operator. He has shot thousands of hours of broadcast television all over the world, worked on many feature films, and produced his own programmes and films.

Paul has worked with many A list celebrity clients, stars of sport and show business. Artistic drive and desire for excellence are his stock in trade.

We also have a network of talented freelance creatives who we call upon when needs arise.

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